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    [FAQ] Before Joining the Regiment


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    [FAQ] Before Joining the Regiment Empty [FAQ] Before Joining the Regiment

    Message  Knight le Dim 27 Avr 2014 - 12:05

    This topic was created to answer any questions you could ask yourself before joining the (European) 14e. We don't pretend to answer all questions, thefore, this list may be modified in time

    - I'm hesitating about applying; what should I be aware of in order to decide myself ?
    The 14e has over 2 years of Napoleonic Wars experience, and do not fear to see itself has one of the best regiment of the European community. Nonetheless, they are many more European regiments.

    - Is there a minimum experience requirement before applying in the 14e ?
    No experience is required, you may join the 14e as soon as you begin Napoleonic Wars.

    - What is the events frequency during the week ?
    Events, generally speaking, tend to start on tuesdays till sundays, every evening.
    Of course, we do not ask of you to be present during each and every event, although a strong presence will be welcome.

    - I'm under 14, can I still join the 14e ?
    Unfortunately, no. Be honest while filling your application form, we quickly detect those that would have lied.

    - I see myself having a high ranking position inside the 14e, is it possible ?
    The 14e is a large entity, couting over 150 members (only in the French company). Promotions, regarding low and high rankings are a matter of activity, skill and length of service. One thing is for sure : you shall arm yourself with patience.

    - I'd like to play another class, eg cavalry. Is it possible within the 14e ?
    No. We are mainly linemen and do not count among our ranks any cavalry or skirmishers.

    - I have no microphone, is it a problem ?
    No. In order to be part of the 14e, you should be able to hear the orders and discussions on Teamspeak. However, we encourage you to get a microphone as soon as possible in order to be able to integrate faster, talking with your fellow comrades.

    - Shall I be on Teamspeak often, even outside of official events ?
    Yes. Your presence on Teamspeak is mandatory for a quick integration.
    As soon as you are connected, ready to play, make the effort of joining Teamspeak.

    - Can I follow the 14e, even if not in the regiment ?
    Yes. We have Youtube channels that will grant you the possibility to follow most of our events. The most reknown one is Flopz's : https://www.youtube.com/user/Flopz78

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